Pete Bonasso

Used to hack intelligent architectures for mobile robots for TRACLabs at NASA Johnson Space Center's Robot Architectures Laboratory. Now he does fun Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) AI work for NASA and other government groups at TRACLabs

He also writes fiction in his spare time .

Mail: TRACLabs, Inc. 16969 N. Texas Ave, Suite 300, Webster, TX 77586
Fone: (281) 461 7886 x708 Fax: (281) 557-2374

Short Biography

Pete Bonasso is a senior consultant for artificial intelligence and robotics in the Texas Robotics & Automation Center Laboratories (TRACLabs), in Houston, TX. Currently, he is conducting research in planning and procedure execution for humans and robots in space and in ontological modeling of space environments.

A co-designer of the 3T layered intelligent control architecture, in past work for NASA he has has investigated the application of 3T to NASA autonomous robots, such as the RMS Assistant and advanced life support monitoring and control, such as that for a plant nutrient delivery system, an advanced air revitalization system (ARS), an integrated water recovery system (WRS) and a cascade distiller system (CDS). He developed the system planner for managing crew/plant gas exchange during a ninety-one day, human-rated Lunar-Mars Life Support Test.

He has served on the program committees for the National AI Conference and the annual Agent Theory, Architectures, and Languages conference, and was the co-organizer of the first AAAI Mobile Robot Competition in 1992. He is also an editor of Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robots, with David Kortenkamp and Robin Murphy, published by the MIT Press in 1998.

Pete received his B.S. in engineering from the United States Military Academy in 1968 and masters degrees in computer utilization and operations research from Stanford University in 1974.

Co-editor, Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Robots available from MIT Press.

Past publications on line.

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  • Other Publications

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