I'm the oldest of nine kids and was raised in Stevens Point Wisconsin. Here are some family pictures taken over the years:

Me, through the years

My Dad always had camera in hand and documented our lives. Click here to see some pictures of me and the rest of the family over the years.

Nieces and Nephews

A whole slew of nieces and nephews with more on the way!


I am interested in travel, which are documented on another page on this site. I also run marathons and half-marathons. Here's a tiny picture of me running the Houston half-marathon in 2005 (tiny because I didn't want to pay for the larger picture!). I also have a wonderful group of friends, some of which you can see in this picture picture of Hai and Beth's wedding and many of whom you can see throughout the travel pictures on this site. I try to pass my interest in robots down to the next generation and helped these kids compete in a lego robot competition in 2005.


My house has undergone some significant renovations. Click here to see some pictures.

Family home pages: